Monday, June 28, 2010

Ripple #2 and Illustration Friday: Satellite

This is my second illustration for the Ripple Project and also for this week's Illustration Friday topic.  The sad birds looked up at the satellite in the sky ...  Painted in acrylic, acrylic gouache and colored pencils.  As in the previous Ripple piece, it is 3 x 4 inches.

If you haven't already, please take a look at the Ripple blog.  A $10 donation to either The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies or The International Bird Rescue Research Center and a small art treasure is yours!!  Every penny is donated to help the animal victims of this disaster.  My last piece is in transit to its new home in Canada, and a piece I purchased is on its way from Japan.  A small contribution to help the animals and make new friends around the world in the process ... what a deal!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ripple Project and Illustration Friday: Paisley

Today I worked on a collage/painting that will serve two purposes.  It is for this week's Illustration Friday -- paisley, as well as my contribution for the Ripple Project.

The Ripple Project is the brainchild of illustrator Kelly Light, who decided to take action against her frustration with the Gulf oil spill by making small sketch paintings and selling them for $10 each to benefit two wildlife non-profits, The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center.  Every penny is donated to help the animal victims of this disaster.  Since the time she began this project on June 3rd, it has grown across the globe, with over 500 artists participating and raising over $3,000 so far.  I'm very happy to do my part, however small, to make a difference in this horrible crisis.

Please take a minute to look at her Ripple blog HERE.  There's still plenty of unsold art available for a $10 donation!  I'm hoping that mine will find a happy home!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Friends at the Phoenix Comicon 2010

Over Memorial Day weekend I went over to the Phoenix Comicon.  It was the first time I'd ever attended one of these events -- haven't ever made it over to the San Diego Comic-Con either.  It was interesting to say the least!  The people watching alone was entertaining enough.  But the real reason I went was to check out a few of my friends who had set up shop there to sell their wares -- plush toys, prints, original art, and to look at what other artists I didn't know were up to as well.  I'll introduce 3 of my friends here and one booth that caught my eye.

First up is Sydney Edmunds of Squidnoodle Plush Toys. That's Sydney on the left.  She's an awesome painter, but she also makes some amazing original plush creatures.  Most of her toys are on the dark, edgy side, but she can do cute too.  Below is a custom piece she did for me.

Of course it's pink -- I'm just that kinda girl. 

Next up is Maritza Robles of Ramona Art.  Maritza does anime-inspired drawings and paintings, traditional and digital.  At the con, she also did sketches on request.  Cats seemed to be a popular theme.

Here's a sampling of her work.

Finally, we have Jason Jarava.  Previously, I was mostly familiar with his lush, detailed landscapes, but his real passion is in fantasy/sci-fi illustration.  Jason was selling prints and originals of his work.

Some pages from his portfolio.

Aside from my friends, there was one other booth that caught my eye at the con, and this probably says more about my personal taste than anything.  There were some amazing comic book artists there, but I gravitated to this booth because it was colorful and whimsical. 

Giddy Girlie is run by Mia (sorry I don't know her last name!).  She paints wooden peg people and does dot paintings and hand embroidery.  I bought one of her peg people, one painted like Kermit the Frog! (Okay, so I kinda have a frog fetish...)

This year's con was bigger than in previous years, and I'm sure it'll just keep growing.  Check it out next year if you have the chance!