Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sketchbook Project Pages 6-7

It's been a while since I posted any Sketchbook Project pages.  My book is starting to look a little schizophrenic, as I haven't been real consistent so far in using the same medium on all pages.  Acrylic washes on one page, colored pencil on another...  This spread was done with Faber-Castell Pitt artists pens and colored pencils.  I have a 12 color set of the brush-tip Pitt pens and some fine and medium point Pitt pens in black and brown.  They're fun to sketch with and don't bleed through this thin sketchbook paper.  I'll probably do some more pages with them. 

I have quite a ways to go before I finish the book, but I like using it as a way to experiment in different drawing styles and subjects than what I normally do.  It's a good learning and growing process.

The subject of this spread are koinobori -- Japanese carp streamers.  Koinobori are flown on a pole on Children's Day (May 5th) by families who have sons, to honor them.  The largest carp is black and represents the father, the second largest is red and represents the mother, the remaining carp are for the sons in the family.  I grew up in a family of girls, so we never flew any koinobori, but celebrated Hinamatsuri (girls' day in Japan) instead.  That will be a subject for another spread.  Now back to sketching...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bag Designer Shoko Kawasumi

Received the November issue of MOE magazine recently, and it's chock full of great articles!  One of them is about Japanese bag designer Shoko Kawasumi.  She does these great bag designs with silhouettes.  She's been selling bags since 2000, under the name kabott.  Check out her website at  Unfortunately, there's very little English on the site, but take a look around at her work.  Bags as art, lovely!