Illustration Friday: Polar

Here's an illustration from my past for this week's topic. This was a Christmas card that I drew in colored pencils and sent to family and friends. You can see the texture of the paper. It was one of those greeting card packs made by Strathmore with the deckled edge. The bottom has a red deckled edge which I didn't include in this scan.
Looking at this made me think that maybe I should resume the handmade cards this year ... hmmm.


noz! said…
nice illo and it´s really fine to see the texture.

i think, you shuold do some handmade cards ... the most people i know, love to get selfmade cards ... a few of my friends are asking for more :)
studio lolo said…
awww, buddies!! Very sweet :)
Carol said…
Love those cards!!!They are Verrrry special!