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A Sad Anniversary

A year ago today, my budgie Cookie passed away. Although I've had other pet budgies when I was younger and loved them all, I don't remember the exact date of their passing.  But with Cookie I do, because he was special.  And because it was 5 days after my birthday last year.  Even now, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him. I first met Cookie in early 2003.  I had just moved to Phoenix and was not employed at the time -- I'd decided to give myself the luxury of having a few months off to work on my personal art and get to know my new city before jumping into a new job.  Since the last place I lived didn't allow pets, I really wanted a pet bird.  Cookie was at a local pet store that specialized in birds.  He was the only budgie they had at the time, and was alone in a cage.  At first he flew away from me, but then sat on my shoulder.  That was it -- I decided to take him home. Cookie at 3 months Having no idea if he was a male or f

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