8th Annual Crafeteria

At my table!
The 8th annual Crafeteria hosted by Frances Vintage boutique was held last Friday, December 6th! Had a great time, despite the very cold weather (for Phoenix).  Bundled up in my hat and fingerless gloves, I braved the cold for 4 hours while chatting with holiday shoppers, friends, and downing cups of hot tea. At my table were prints, greeting cards, pendants and brooches.

The turnout was awesome!  People already started showing up right before 6 pm when the event started. Since it was my first time at Crafeteria, I was not quite sure what to expect sales-wise.  But soon I had my first customer, and the night was a success!  The weeks of preparation were definitely worth it.  Next time, I would bring more Christmas cards, as they almost sold out.

A big thank you to Georganne Bryant of Frances for hosting this annual event and supporting local artists and businesses!


theartofpuro said…
What a great day you had:) Love the pictures:)
Goomie said…
Thank you! It was a fun night!