Garth Williams in ku:nel Magazine

Yesterday I made my weekly trek to the local Japanese market for the week's groceries, when a magazine caught my eye. It was the July issue of ku:nel magazine, a Japanese lifestyle magazine that focuses on the quiet pleasures of life -- crafts, cooking, healthy eco living.

On the cover was a book illustrated by Garth Williams, one of my favorite children's book illustrators from my childhood. I have many fond memories of reading the Miss Bianca books, Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, and the countless other books he has illustrated. After purchasing it along with my groceries I rushed home to read it.

The article inside was 14 pages long and was a profile of his life and work, from his early days in England to moving around the world -- New York, Italy, Mexico. He married just as often, 4 times! For his first children's book assignment (Stuart Little), a mouse he found in his apartment was used as a drawing model.

His affinity for animals is apparent in the photo and the drawing shown here. There is always a feeling of warmth in his drawings. A fascinating read ...


Kipik said…
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Kipik said…
Oh! How wonderful! I have never seen these images. I would love to find a copy of that magazine! Garth was my Uncle and I love his work passionatly. Thanks for sharing!!!
My childhood favorite. Just loved all of his work.