SCBWI Los Angeles Illustrator's Day 2009

Just came back from Illustrator's Day 2009 in Los Angeles over the weekend. Held on Saturday, November 7th at the Clairbourn School in San Gabriel, CA, it was a day filled with speakers, portfolios, contests and promo cards galore!

Presentations were given by:
Chad Beckerman, Art Director of Abrams Books for Young Readers
Mary Peterson, Illustrator
Adam McCauley, Illustrator
Erika Howard, Art Representative for Shannon Associates

All the presentations were informative, but the ones by Chad and Erika stood out in my mind. Both gave good insight into what they look for in an illustrator, and what they expect once a relationship is established.

All attending illustrators were free to display their portfolios and promo/business cards. So many talented people were there ... I picked up a stack of cards for inspiration.

The day included a promo card contest -- attendees were encouraged to submit a print-ready file about a month before, and the winning entry would receive 250 printed postcards of their submission. My entry didn't win, but I did receive an Honorable Mention! Woo hoo!

I also had a portfolio review with Laurie Young, former Creative Director for Intervisual Books, and she gave me some very positive and encouraging feedback. Thanks Laurie!

All in all, it was an awesome day!