Artistic Reflections on Deepwater Horizon

A little over a month ago, I was contacted by some graduate students at Emporia University in Kansas who were putting together a website of artwork related to the gulf oil spill as part of their graduate level class in Library and Information Science.  They described the project in this way:

This digital collection aims to capture America’s response to the Gulf Oil Spill through art.  By showcasing works of diverse artists in various mediums, this collection will present creative manifestations of the emotions, thoughts, and reactions inspired by the disaster.

They had seen my whale piece on the Ripple blog and wanted to include it on this educational website.  Yesterday I received an email that the site was now up and running, and sure enough, my whale is there!  You can see the page HERE.


Sjan Weijers said…
I love your art, very cute and soft. Good idea to make oil come from the whale that way, the drawing really triggers an emotion (at least with me).
Goomie said…
Thanks Sjan! I wanted to convey the sadness of the situation in a very simple way... thanks for visiting my blog!