LA Weekend Part 2: Mizna Wada at Gallery Nucleus

One of my favorite galleries in the Los Angeles area is Gallery Nucleus in downtown Alhambra.  Alhambra is a town about four miles south of Pasadena in the San Gabriel Valley and just a short drive from where I grew up.  I try to stop by there whenever I'm in town to see a show, or just to browse their gift shop/bookstore.  Gallery Nucleus exhibits art by contemporary artists, illustrators, animators, and graphic artists from here and abroad. 

Over Thanksgiving weekend was a show featuring two Japanese artists, Junko Mizuno and Mizna Wada.  This is the second show for the pair at Nucleus.  I like both artists' work, but Mizna has a more whimsical style that is more of my preference.  I first saw Mizna's work on a stationary set at the Wacko/Soap Plant in LA.  She has a distinctive creepy/cute style.  She's done a lot of prints using Print Gocco as in the example below, which I just love!  Nice color palette too!
The Nucleus show didn't include any Gocco prints, mostly paintings and plushes.  I took some photos of the pieces I liked.

Donut girl!
The show ended on November 29th, but if you're ever in the area, be sure to stop by.  Definitely worth the trip!