Friday, October 09, 2009

Illustration Friday: Flying

Wonderdog went flying through the air! A new portfolio piece I finished recently, painted with regular acrylics and acrylic gouache, which I've taken quite a liking to.

This is the 2nd piece that I've used the acrylic gouache on, and while it took some getting used to, I like the matte finish and the smoothness of the pigment as I paint. Not gummy like acrylics. The color is also the same wet and dry! The brands I used were Holbein and Turner. The Holbein seemed to be of a slightly higher quality, but Turner has a larger color range.

Will definitely be doing some more with it. Happy Friday!


Pupu Sulaiman said...

tra ra da daa~ *music of super dog coming* ohh this is really nice. I love the colors. ^^*


krisztina maros said...

wonderful wonderdog! :)

Alissa said...

Awesome! This makes me happy!

Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Nice character, and the quasi-curvilinear perspective on the background really helps to sell the surge of energy that flying through the air must give. Really nice illo, great colour choices.

Adam Foster-Fahy

Shirley said...

WON-DER-FUL piece. He is SUPER cute!! Thanks for the info on your medium...that's awesome information. Great piece!

Isaac Marzioli - Freelance Illustrator said...

Hey there, I was also at the Scbwi Illustrator's Day. I picked up one of your business cards because I thought you had one of the great portfolios there! I really liked this illustration (and the pig one)! Keep up the great work!